The Greek Who Changed the Face of the Gold Coast

Jim R

Jim Raptis changed the face of the most cosmopolitan region of Australia — the Gold Coast.

Raptis is the Honorary Consulate General of Greece in Australia who once owned a construction enterprise that went bankrupt four years ago due to the global financial crisis. He is now is trying to rebuild his company with slow, but steady steps.

“Mr. Jim Raptis has proven himself to be a businessman in the past and will prove himself once again,” said an article in the local newspaper Bulletin.

Raptis Group lost one billion dollars due to the economic recession. Raptis was the company’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Raptis’ company was among the largest construction companies of Queensland, having constructed some of the finest buildings on the Gold Coast.

Born in Greece, he not only changed the face of the most cosmopolitan and tourist region of Australia, but according to Australia’s media, Raptis has also changed the name of the region from Gold Coast to “Greek Gold Coast.”

Raptis arrived on the Gold Coast in 1973. Since then, his company has constructed many impressive buildings but also faced bankruptcy several times.

Even when the Raptis Group was under special administration regime, Raptis found a way to construct the expensive Sapphire Block project. The total cost of the construction was estimated at approximately $60 million.

“I believe that Raptis Group will operate once again beginning this January,” stated Raptis.