Parliament Condemns Disclaimer of Armenian and Greek Genocide

genoktonia_MacarthiThe Turkish embassy in Australia used the space of the federal parliament in Canberra, in order to adopt a firm position that there was no genocide of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians during the First World War. The Turkish embassy stated its gratitude to the institution of Australian Turkish Advocacy-Alliance, which invited the American Professor Justin McCarthy. This professor argued that there was never Armenian Genocide.

Moreover, the Turkish embassy mentioned that the professor toured Australia and gave speeches in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, restoring the “truth” about the historical events of 2015. His speech in Canberra in the hall of the federal parliament caused many reactions.

Many members of Parliament and organizations of Armenians, Jews and Greeks noted that it is unacceptable to allow a genocide disclaimer to express his unhistorical views in the Australian parliament. Therefore, Australian parliament condemned the extremist positions of Professor Justin McCarthy, as well as the Australian politicians who allowed him to take the step.

McCarthy admitted that over a million Armenians were killed in 1915 but he said “it was not done under a systematic genocide plan.”

The former Federal Labour MP Steve Georganas expressed his regret for the Turkish propaganda made by the Australian parliament,” adding that this was unacceptable.

The parliament of New South Wales, in May last year, recognized the genocide of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians by the Ottoman Empire. The state of South Australia also recognized the Pontian Genocide.


  1. How much Mc Carthy paid by the Turks? He should be ashamed of himself.My grand parents walked to death together with over 1000000 others by barbaric Seljuk Turks systematically organized by the Turkish government. The persecution of Greeks Armenians Assyrians and others continues today in civilized Turkey……Shame on you McCarthy.Turks do not belong to the human race.Civilized countries make mistakes but they also apologize..

  2. Ντησκλέϊμερ μπορεί να είναι ο καθένας και να μην πιστεύει σε ορισμένα ολοκαυτώματα κλπ, ή και σε κανένα ολοκαύτωμα. Αυτό είναι δικαίωμα του καθενός. Το λάθος εν προκειμένω έγκειται στο ότι τον ως άνω τον κάλεσαν να ομιλήσει σε συγκεκριμένο ακροατήριο, στο οποίο βεβαίως δεν είχε καμμιά θέση. Χρειάζεται περισσότερη προσοχή στον χειρισμό των εθνικών μας θεμάτων.

  3. Behind the genocides were the military / strategic advisors of the Turks. They were the Germans of the Kaiser (..and much before that they were taking care of the “modernization” of the Turkish Ottoman armies.) their advise to the Ottomans and later to the Neo Turks was to destroy all the Christian minorities of Anatolia. Kemal did their bidding well. His ancestors as late as 1954 ,Septembers Cristall Nacht nazi inspired pogroms in Constantinople was the last straw for the remaining Hellenic minority of the city that in the 20’s numbered more than 375000 and were the majority in the city proper! Today only around 2000 souls are trying to withhold the Hellenic heritage of the Vasilevousa, the city of the cities, the model for all the western capitals.Support the Patriarch and the few remaining brave souls !

  4. The international community will
    finally realize that Turks were not trying to annihilate Armenians, but simply
    defending their homes in the face of Armenian revolts, treason, and terrorism.
    That is why the Armenians will never take their case to the International Court
    of Justice in the Hague, a competent tribunal designed for this purpose by the
    U.N. and required by the 1948 U.N. Convention on genocide. If they do, you can
    kiss the bogus genocide claims goodbye. Whereas now, Armenians can buy
    politicians, pass any resolution, and get any coverage in the media and academia
    where information can be slanted, censored, or manipulated

  5. Armenian genocide is a long
    discredited, biased, and political claim. According to 1948 UN Convention,
    intent must be proven after due process at a competent tribunal for a genocide
    verdict to stand. No such tribunal (a la Nuremberg) was convened and no
    genocide verdict exists. Insisting on a non-existing label, purely based on a
    racist and dishonest version of history, boils down to lynching. When the six
    T’s of the Turkish-Armenian conflict are all truthfully considered, it will be
    obvious that it was a inter-communal warfare fought by Christian and Muslim
    irregulars. Truth should not be a fodder to newspaper ratings, political
    support, or other such benefits.

  6. Jewish Holocaust is a
    court-proven reality and a uniquely irrefutable truth (remember Nuremberg?).
    Armenian genocide, on the other hand, is always-alleged-never-court-proven
    political allegation that totally ignores Armenian war crimes (raids, revolts,
    treason, terrorism, territorial demand, Turkish suffering and losses because of
    Armenian-committed-atrocities, and more.) Thus, they are not the same.

  7. Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton University:

    “[T]he point that
    was being made was that the massacre of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was
    the same as what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany and that is a downright
    falsehood. What happened to the Armenians was the result of a massive Armenian
    armed rebellion against the Turks, which began even before war broke out, and
    continued on a larger scale.”


    ‘… The war with us was inevitable… We had not done all that was necessary for
    us to have done to evade war. We ought to have used peaceful language with the
    Turks…We had no information about the real strength of the Turks and relied
    on ours. This was the fundamental error. We were not afraid of war because we
    thought we could win… Our army was well fed and well armed and [clothed] but
    it did not fight. The troops were constantly retreating and deserting their
    positions ; they threw away their arms and dispersed in the villages. …In
    spite of the fact that the Armenians had better material and better support,
    their armies lost. ….. the advancing Turks fought only against the regular
    soldiers ; they did not carry the battle to the civilian sector. ….the
    Turkish soldiers were well-disciplined and that there had not been any

    Source: The 1923 Bucharest Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni, the first PM of
    the Independent Armenian Republic, published by the Armenian Information
    Service Suite 7D, 471 Park Ave., New York 22 – 1955.

    Is he a denialist too?

  9. “Who seeks to protect the criminals,
    He is a criminal by the true word…that I can say……”

    Ottomans not only vanished millions of Armenians, Greek and Assyrian…But left Arabs behind for 500 years, never build any mosque in the Arab cities…They ended Golden Islamic Era in Baghdad…


  10. Armenian they never had guns if they carried guns no one would have been able to kill them…You don’t feel shame to fabricate things …if they carried guns why should you kill children and women is that written in your Quran or it is a “Turkish Quran”…allow you to kill and rape and confiscate You are allowed becuse your origin are barberic invaders and killers…

  11. Who defined the word Genocide was a Jew polish lawyer Rafael Lemkin (1900-1959) and who wrote “Murder of the Nation” was A Jew American Ambassador in Turkey who saw all the annihilations of Armenian …Henry Morgenthau Sr (1856-1946)…
    Improve your Knowledge…and read proper books…
    My grandfather was killed Mihran Dabaghian and we have lands in Diyarbakir we can’t claim any…

  12. You will meet your god one day and don’t lie…
    if you have faith tell the truth …

  13. Enough lies you are reading the wrong history …to deny and protect your criminal ancestors…!!! enough is enough …you can’t do more…

  14. One person can’t change millions killed…
    If one is in sane it doesn’t mean all are insane…You are looking for one robe to protect you criminal nation…

  15. What do you expect from a brainwashed Armenian? They have been educated to hate Turks. They think they are the best and most educated ones. It’s like a comedy show in Glendale(Los Angeles), all these “sophisticated” people trying to show each other who was a fancier BMW or Mercedes.Typical Armenian – racist, money oriented and narrow-minded.

  16. Slyvia, the educated Armenian, knows the best and educate their children to hate Turks.What do you expect from a brainwashed Armenian? Typical Armenian – racist, money oriented and narrow-minded.

  17. We don’t have hates in our hearts …we want our rights…there is no Armenian home without a story of genocide …if some one says we did not have then he is not an Armenian…I have turks friends who confess that there was a genocide…The first in the world …May be you have some Armenian genes you don’t know about go and assess your DNA there are 5 million Armenians Turkified in Turkey… Many when they meet Armenia they say we are Armenian in origin …and your President Gul as well…!!!

  18. Your beautiful phrases says what is in your heart hate and clear ugly manners…You hate Armenians we don’t hate turks …Still there are good people among them …who knows very well what turks did…!!!

  19. Ali get your facts right and read some more history written by independent historians . You have absurd and misconstrued allegations . Read the article above more carefully.

  20. Shame on you. Actually country after country started recognizing the Armenian genocide and not only.The Greeks of Asia minor, of Pontos and what about the genocide of the Bulgarians in 1879 in Batak.You are guilty as hell of massacres beyond a human conception.Your BARBARIC countrymen killed my grandparents they walked them to death their only fault they were elderly.They had no guns they were civilians.You are still brutally barbaric.You still persecute your minorities and you decimate the Kurdish populations and dehumanize other Muslim minorities like the Allewis.Your history is cruel and barbaric.You have alienated friends and foes and over the years you came to war with all your neighbors and as we speak you bully and intimidate small countries.And could you explain why all these countries despise you so?I will tell you.Not because your ancestors committed this crimes but because you don’t have the human decency to apologize on their behalf. Many countries have committed crimes against humanity but become civilized enough to say SORRY.Killing is a genetic deformity in the Seljuk Turkish race.

  21. corey_m can you please explain to me how ‘defending’ included killing every man woman and child in cities where they had lived for centuries? Marching them into the desert in long lines, to die en route of starvation, cutting off the breasts of women while making them dance then setting them on fire? These were UNARMED CIVILIANS. Not soldiers. What the fsck kind of defense is that??? What about the Pontic Greeks? They lived peacefully and prospered and that’s what this was really about, as always, *JEALOUSY*

  22. you can’t reason with barbarians, and you can’t teach them either. All they know is hate and murder. And jealousy. They steal because they can’t create. And they can’t work.

  23. I am not Armenian and I hate the Turks and show my house in Konstantinoupolis which was stolen by the thieving Turkish looters and remind them daily and teach them to hate the Turks at least til they apologize and return the loot.I am not brainewashed I am deeply traumatised when I saw my 9 year old cousin raped by your Turkish barbaric animals.16 of them.And after she was dead they continued.That was on 6th of September 1955.and while the police was looking and laughing.You as a nation committed horrific crimes against humanity and still do.Did you ever ask yourself why all these countries hate you? Like the Bulgarians the Serbs the Greeks the Arabs.Ask them.This will never go away it never does till you accept it. We are not brainwashed Turk we are deeply traumatized.

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  25. Listen Turk next year the whole globe will recognize the Armenian genocide.As 2015 approaches there will be no shield to hide.All your victims you slaughtered are screaming from the grave.And there are millions.Armenians Greeks Assyrians Kurds You committed atrocities and it will never go away.It will haunt you forever.and will blacken your already bloody history.

  26. They do not read the wrong history.They know very well the bloody crimes that their savage fathers committed.They know because they continue the same tactic today.However they will never find absolution till they ask for forgiveness.