Third Greek Mayor Elected in Melbourne

tapinosGreek Australian Lambros Tapinos was elected Mayor for the second time. Tapinos is Mayor of Moreland in Melbourne, where thousands of Greeks live as well as people from different countries.

Mr. Tapinos is the third Greek elected mayor in the municipality of Melbourne. Other Greek Mayors are Mrs. Mary Laliou elected in the municipality Gouitlesi and Mr. Jim Grivas in the municipality of Manincham.

Mr Tapinos, member of the Labour party, committed to developing infrastructure and transparency. In the past, he was president of the National Union of Greek Australian Students (NUGAS) and he has fought for the teaching of the Greek language in Australian public schools.

It is notable that many Greek-Aussie organizations have established their head offices in the municipality of Moreland where there are three Greek Orthodox churches. In Moreland, there is also the small square named Sparta that displays the bust of Leonidas.