Australia to Receive 190,000 Immigrants

239100-brendan-o-039-connorAustralia will receive around 190,000 immigrants and 20,000 refugees next year. During the fiscal year 2013-2014, 190,000 immigrants will move to Australia, according to the estimates of Australian Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Brendan O’Connor.

In particular, 128,550 positions will be provided for skilled migrants, 60,885 places for family migration (people who go to Australia to be with their families) and 565 places for migration under special eligibility. The government of Australia decided to take 700 positions from the skilled migration category and add them to the family migration category in response to the high demand for family migration positions from Australians, particularly in the partner category.

The migration program was included in the country’s budget for 2013-14 that was filed on May 14. It was also announced that the funds for Australia’s multicultural and multilingual broadcaster SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) will be increased by 20 million dollars next year.