NSW Parliament Recognizes Greek Genocide

717292The Parliament of New South Wales unanimously passed a motion recognizing the Assyrian, Greek and Armenian genocide on May 1, after the request of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, the Australian Hellenic Council and the Armenian National Committee.

The motion reads that the NSW Parliament “Joins the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek communities of New South Wales in honoring the memory of the innocent men, women and children who fell victims to the first modern genocides.”

It “recognizes the importance of remembering and learning from such dark chapters in human history to ensure that such crimes against humanity are not allowed to be repeated.”

According to the news agency ArmenPress, the Assistant President of the NSW Legislative Council, Fred Nile, in his Adjournment Speech said: “Over the years, many members of the Parliament — both in this chamber and in the Legislative Council — have risen to address the issue of recognition of the Assyrian, Armenian and Greeks Genocides. Indeed, it was the Parliament of New South Wales that led the way on this issue, adopting a motion of recognition on the Armenian Genocide in 1997. I rise today to urge we complete the efforts, adopting a motion of recognition on the Assyrian and Greeks Genocides. In remembering these events, we do not seek to apportion blame. This is a matter of history, and history must neither be erased nor forgotten. We must remember and speak the truth.”

Nile mentioned particularly the helpful information he received by Greek Australian Professor Panayotis Diamantis, who specializes in genocide issues.


  1. Genocide is a crime against humanity. But for every crime there is α criminal. In the case of genocide against the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks who is the criminal. Who committed the crime? And when?

  2. What about the ethnic Macedonian genocide committed against the Greeks in the 1930’s to extinguish the population by stealing their homes & land?

  3. What about the Genocide in Chameria/ Epirus?! The ethnic Albanian population was exterminated in most part. Innocent and unarmed women, children and the elderly were butchered , just because they belonged to Albanian race, language and tradition.Their land and their goods are stolen by the filthy Greek state and its aparatus.
    Greeks do not allow the survivors even to today to return to their homes. It is the shame of humanity and the disgrace of all civilized nation