Stylianos Condemns Syrian Bishops Kidnappings

stylianosArchbishop Stylianos of Australia expressed his outrage at the kidnapping of two Orthodox Bishops in Syria and said he prays for a good ending, emphasizing the ties of Metropolitan Pavlos with Hellenism and Orthodoxy.

Speaking at the Greek Program of Radio SBS, Archbishop Stylianos called the kidnapping an “absurdity” and added that it is the “most cowardly thing that some allegedly fighters could do.”

Earlier, in a statement, the Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr condemned in the strongest terms the abduction of the Greek Metropolitan of Aleppo and brother of the Patriarch of Antioch, Pavlos, and the city’s Bishop Johanna Ibrahim in Syria.

“We condemn the violent abduction of two bishops which is an attack against the leadership of the Syrian Orthodox Church and the Greek Orthodox Church,” Australian Foreign Minister said and added: “The Australian government is asking for their immediate release.”