Pantelis Awarded For Psychiatric Work

Xristos-Pantelis-200x200The German Justus Liebig University honored Greek-Australian Professor Christos Pantelis with the Robert Sommer Award “for his outstanding achievements in the field of psychiatric research.”

Pantelis is Foundation Professor of Neuropsychiatry and Scientific Director of the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre at The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health. He heads a team of researchers that have been undertaking neuroimaging and neuropsychological work in schizophrenia and psychosis, and other psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders over the last 15 years in Australia.

His work has focused on brain structural and functional changes during the transition to psychosis. He has published more than 270 papers and chapters. Last year, Professor of Electrical Engineering who specialized in Nano-electronics, Stan Skafidas, and Pantelis, both from the University of Melbourne,  “joined” their scientific knowledge so as to give the mankind the “genetic code” of autism.

The two professors managed to improve a promising test for the diagnosis of autism and schizophrenia which is able to determine whether a young person belongs to a high risk group. They stressed to Neos Kosmos that the test is in an experimental stage. “The test is preventive and gives an opportunity for physicians to use it in conjunction with other tests for early diagnosis,” they noted.”

The two Greek-Australian scientists, however, through this research, seem to open up an even bigger and certainly hopeful chapter for humanity’s shake, of what is called “genetic code and mental illness.”