Good Seed Nick Cave Sings for Greece

images98With music, reminiscent of ancient tragedy and references to Zeus, lightning and the youth of Athens, renowned Australian singer Nick Cave, who has a band named The Bad Seeds, is singing for Greece, a country which he happens to adore.

His new song goes under the title Lightning Bolts, and the video clip, that also contains the lyrics, lets the audience get into his mind and travel to tear gas-filled  Athens during protests, strikes and riots against crushing austerity measures that have pushed 20 percent of Greeks into poverty.

One verse goes: “Two lightning bolts were delivered to my room, they were gifts from Zeus,” while in another part of the song he sings: “In Athens all the youths are crying from the gas, I am by the hotel room working on a tan.”

He makes another reference to the King of the Gods: “Zeus laughs but it’s the gas, He asks me how I am, I say Zeus don’t ask. My lightning bolts are jolts of joy, They are joy boys from Zeus.” And then he continues: “And in the cradle of democracy the pigeons are wearing gas masks.”


  1. Nick Cave has had a long (socio-political) presence in Europe and probably understands many of the socio-economic issues better than the average European citizen. His many years spent in Berlin gave him an insight into EU political structures and how the various governments functioned and implemented fiscal reforms and adjustments.

    Continued austerity measures have become the norm of public life in Greece. Nick Cave has been in Greece many times and more recently spoken out against anti-Greek advocates. He keeps it no secret that he’s concerned about the socio-economic issues and dramatic increases of poverty in what has become known as the Greek abyss.

    While many around the world become more hostile towards Greece and the Greek people as if they are responsible and at fault for subsequent Greek government fiscal mismanagement, corruption, and rampart nepotism, others respond with support for the our people.