Tsolakides Creates Australian Cryonics Clinic

Greek-Australian Pandelis Tsolakides is co-founder of the new not-for-profit Cryonics company,  Stasis Systems Australia, which aims at using the future scientific inventions in technology and medicine for external life through Cryonics method.

Cryonics is the preservation of the human body at cryogenic temperatures (−196°C) in the expectation that future medical technology may be able to repair the accumulated damage of aging and disease at the molecular level, and restore the patient to health.

The planning began three years ago and now investors have been found. Tsolakides’ Stasis Systems Australia headed by Pandelis Tsolakides and Marc Milton. The money invested by the 11 investors will be used for the facilities construction, which are expected to be completed within the next two years. The company is cooperating with the New South Wales (NSW) Ministry of Health, searching for an area to host the Cryonics facilities.