Greek Mythology Inspires Australian’s Epic Greek Novel

Paul M. Hansen from Canberra launched his debut novel, Macedon – Child of a God, some months ago drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek mythology and history. The epic fiction novel won the Inaugural Australian Self-Publishing Group’s Unpublished Manuscript Competition earlier this year and received positive reviews.

The story of the mythological demi-god Macedon, the ancestor of the Macedonians, unfolds over time, leading to the fall of Troy. Presenting the wars and enmities amidst heroes, gods and kings, the protagonist is hunted down by a mad goddess and his enemies through the ancient sites of Macedonia.

The author completed his research by traveling to Greece and the ancient sites of Northern Greece. International writer and critic Deborah Hopkins said that Hansen’s ‘thorough understanding’ of ancient Hellenism ‘makes this a noteworthy book’, while Greek Ambassador to Australia Alexis Christopoulos noted that the book is mesmerizing.

Macedon: Child of a God is the first of a four book epic series. Macedon is a part of Greek mythology never covered before. Macedon the son of the great God Zeus and the mortal princess Thyea, gave his name to the ancient Greek state of Macedonia. The descendents of Macedon are a direct linage to Phillip II and his son Alexander The Great of Macedonia. None of the characters is fictional but they come from the abundant background of the Greek mythology.