Reactions To Golden Dawn Party’s Local Chapter in Melbourne

The Australian reported that “a splinter group in the Melbourne Greek community has been condemned for launching a local branch of the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party.”

The article notes that the group has a Facebook page ( and alleges that members attempted to disrupt a rally celebrating Greek Independence Day (March 25).

The mission to use the cover of the internet to create a nationalistic political force among one of the world’s largest Greek communities outside Athens has been savaged by Australia’s Jewish and Greek communities, adds The Australian article.

As noted in John Ferguson’s report, the group’s Facebook page currently has over 2,500 fans, but only a few dozen of these appear to reside in Melbourne.

As it stands, then, Golden Dawn (Melbourne) currently has only a small core of followers.


  1. They’re NOT Nazi. How hard is it to understand that? And I’m glad that they’re in Australia as well because it just shows you that Nationalism is on the rise again, particularly amongst Europeans.

    Now, before anyone labels me a Nazi, I must make it clear that I neither support nor condemn Golden Dawn simply for the fact that I know they’ll never govern Greece yet at the same time I know they will keep Greece GREEK. Multiculturalism is a failure in Europe, which many European MPs have stated, thus, Golden Dawn are only doing the dirty work no one wants too yet talks about.

  2. Keep Greece
    Greek, There are Albanians, Turks, Macedonians, Jews, and etc. living in Greece for
    thousands of years. Once Greece
    accepts the fact that there are minorities in Greece
    and gives minority rights to all there Greek citizens the less divided Greece
    will be. Look at Canada.
    has all different types of people from all over the world. They all have
    minority rights and yet everyone gets along here. I feel sorry for the Greek
    people with their hatred towards minorities. You can not build a nation with
    hatred and violence and denying people what they are and treating them less

  3. If it walks like a Nazi, if it talks like a Nazi, if it salutes like a Nazi, if it is violent like a Nazi, IT IS A NAZI.

  4. I assume you’re living in multicultural Australia, Spartiaths, you hypocritical drop of bigoted pond scum. Why don’t you go back to your beloved homeland and fight alongside Golden dawn to “purify” Greece? Take the first plane home instead of stealing Australian oxygen from people of every creed and colour who deserve it more than you.

  5. Just saw this.

    Guys it is true that greece has been overflown with illegal immigrants. It is not by accident. Greece is used as a buffer state to the rest of the EU.

    Immigrants have overflown EVERYTHING.

    The state is inactive. That’s why golden dawn is rising.

    I despise them as much as I despise the inactivity or the unwillingless or the indifferance or the purposeful violation the greek ruling class has shown in this matter.

    They dont care about the ordinary people living in despicable conditions like refugees in afganistan, or nigeria or pakistan inside their own neighborhoods.

    A state of fear, lawlessness that is taken full advantage by the “rotten apples” of some illegal immigrants is RULING SUPREME in the former greek neighborhoods.

    Greeks are a much persecuted minority in those parts of town make no mistake.

    And those parts of town make up almost all of greece.

    Golden dawn is not rising because of illegal immigration, or the crisis. It is rising because of the indifference or incapability or both of the central state.

    That being said, my love to australia, I hear the crisis hasnt hit there and I’d even consider going (IF they’d have me, I will not FORCE myself on a country like it is being done in my country) but it is way too far 🙂

  6. The Greeks done have to stay in Australia, they can go back home if they think they need to..