Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson on Radio National

Professor Ferguson has delivered his first lecture,  at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is discussing the demise of democracy in the west and the huge debt we are leaving our children.

If only history had been explained this eloquently during school, I would have paid more attention in class. The lecture is titled ‘The Human Hive’, after the early 18th century poem by Bernard Mandeville, “The Fable of the Bees.” Mandeville’s central point was that societies with the right institutions can flourish even when the individuals who live in them misbehave.

Also our ex-Environment Minister made a cameo appearance during question-and-answer period and gave a response to  with the following question.

ROS KELLY: Thank you. My name is Ros Kelly. I was Environment Minister in Australia. So I just want to follow that point through. Do you think if we’re going to be fair to next generations, do we have to put a proper price on environmental pollution and carbon taxes, etc?

So make yourself and extra strong machiatto and read the transcript of the lecture below.

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