Australian Media Show Great Interest in Greek Election Results

International media are continuing the steady stream of media reports  about the recent Greek elections. Most Australian newspapers and TV channels stress that Europe is now “optimistic about Greece’s future due to yesterday’s voting results.”

According to Australian reporters, Samaras’ victory guarantees for the time being that Greece will meet its Memorandum commitments and that the country will remain in the eurozone.

“World relief” reports the Australian headline in regards to the Greek election. “The results relieved both governments and markets around the globe,” writes the editor adding Samaras’ statements that Greece will stay in eurozone as well as Tsipras’ warning that SYRIZA will continue their anti-bailout fight.

“Greeks voted for euro,” declares Australian The Age and stresses that “at least temporarily, Greek election results made world markets avoid a global financial tsunami.”

Australian press says, however, that despite Samaras’ victory appearing beneficial for world economy, it remains to be seen whether Greece manages to form a coalition government soon.

SBS broadcasting agency iterated the statements of Angel Gurria, general secretary of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), who commented that “measures imposed so rapidly on Greece show clearly that Greeks have the possibility to renegotiate the Memorandum terms.”

SBS adds also that far-right Golden Dawn “took advantage of the high unemployment rates and put the ultimate blame on immigrants. They entered into Greek Parliament reflecting Greeks’ confusing thoughts concerning the negative changes that have occurred in their daily life.”

The Australian market’s first reaction after the Greek election results is positive, though. Today, Australian stock market showed an increase of 1.6% points.