Archbishop of Australia is Opposed to Gay Marriage

Archibishop of Australia Stylianos announced his view on same-sex marriages. More specifically, he stated that he is opposed to the act, as most archbishops across the world who have disapproved gay marriage, such as that of the Archdiocese of Thiateira and Great Britain.

This announcement came as a result of the decision of members of the Australian federal parliament to collect signs in order to recognize the same-sex marriages.

The Australian archdiocese reacted immediately to the issue by developing a special website devoted to the issue so that visitors and the media can understand the Church’s stance and so that that “the voice of church be heard.”

“We are not hostile to our fellow citizens who believe they are different,” stresses Archbishop of Australia and adds, “But if we change the traditional form of marriage between men and women, this is opposed to the holiness of the marriage and family, as we are taught by our Christian faith and our Greek Orthodox tradition.”

He also argued that the proposed legalization of  homosexual marriage threatens the institutions of  marriage and family but also the base of our society.

“In the face of such a possibility the Orthodox Church could not avoid expressing its opinion on the issue,” said Archbishop Stylianos.


  1.  This, coming from a man whose U.S. Theological Seminary in Brookline, Massachusetts, just dismissed a seminarian for sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl who worked for him in his home. “The National Herald” published this story yesterday, noting that the president of Hellenic College and the Seminary would not confirm that they bothered to call the police. I suggest this Archbishop keep looking into his own house for problems to fix before he begins to judge others.

  2. How is he judging others?
    The position that Archbishop Stylianos expressed is that of the Orthodox Church and no other. 
    What has the above news item that you have cited to do with the debate at hand?

  3.  He judges homosexuals as sinners, which they are not. He speaks for an organization filed with real sinners, like the President of Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Seminary and the seminarian that was able to abuse a young girl on Church property. Now those two are sinners. Same sex marriage? Not so much. Clean up your act before you judge others. I guarantee you the Greek Church has lots to look at before they look elsewhere for sin.

  4. The Church is entiled to its opinion and I have never had a problem with that. All I ask is some compassion which is surely lacking here. The institution of marriage has two legs – one a civil celebration governed by the laws of the land, the second is a religious celebration governed by the bible (in this instance) and the church that interprets it for us. The churches in this country have often stated that the “State” should stay out of matters of religion and I agree but at the same time the church should stay out of matters of the State. All people want is the same rights under the law and for same sex marriage to become legal on the “Civil” side. I dont think anyone has any expectations that the Church should be forced to marry same sex couple – now that would be a miracle.
    As a gay child and parent all I ask is for the Church to stay our of matters pertaining to Australian Law and to leave my family to deal with my sexuality without their constant harrassment and condemning remarks.

  5. The Greek church is full of impostors, hypocrites and yes, homosexuals. How about you all go and check yourselves before you push your lies and drivel onto the thinking public.