Australians Reject Far Right-Wing Golden Dawn, Say It’s Unwelcome

Two NSW Labor parliamentarians have said they will oppose plans by the far right Greek Golden Dawn Party to set up “three or four” branches in Australia.

NSW Labor frontbencher Sophie Cotsis, and NSW Labor Upper House MP and NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel deputy chair Walt Secord, have spoken against the far right Golden Dawn (Chrsi Avgi) Party, according to a recent article of


“This far right wing party – Golden Dawn – has no place in Australia and we will oppose any plans to set up branches here,” Cotsis and Secord said.

“Make no mistake, they are neo-Nazis and they use the language of the far right, especially in their references to immigrants in a bid to spread their hateful messages,” they said.

The article also points out that the Golden Dawn denied the historical truth of the Holocaust, receiving negative coverage by Greek and international press. Sarcastically referring to Michaloliakos’s statements, who called the group “national socialists,” and that it was concerned about crime and the financial crisis, the Australian site criticizes the party’s ideals and theses.

In response to a question on ABC TV Lateline’s Greece correspondent, Philip Williams, Golden Dawn MP, Ilias Panagiotaros said that “three or four offices are going to be formed” in Australia.

There were also reports of supporters at a Melbourne Greek independence day parade wearing distinct black clothing with the words “Golden Dawn” in Greek on their backs.

The article indicates that the two parliamentarians express the view of the majority of Greek-Australians and that Golden Dawn is not welcome in the country.



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