Classical Christian School About to Open in Australia

The first Classical Christian School is planned to open in WA next year. St. Augustine’s Classical Christian College came up with the idea in order to provide Latin and Greek as subjects to future students.

According to the College, modern education does not supply students with the appropriate knowledge. The need for this, they say, will soon be covered by such classes provided to students between 4 and 12 years-old.

The manager of the College has already been given permission by Education Minister of Australia Liz Constable to establish this Classical School.

Private lessons were available by the College since 2008 in the region of Middle Swan.

The institution’s idea for the new school is based on the British model – trying to develop the students’ personalities and provide them with Classical knowledge, as well as to help them gain all the qualifications needed to apply for a job after finishing school.

The program is pleasant but edifying, too. In the first year, students will be instructed in Latin courses on the basic level. The teachers will teach them as if it was a game, so pupils will have no boring homework, apart from learning, which will include some Latin songs and chants. In the second year, they will start conjugating Latin verbs.

As for Greek, they will study it when they reach high school. But the institution also cares about History;  that’s why classes include everything involving ancient Greece and Rome, the Byzantine Empire, Medieval History and the Renaissance.

St. Augustine’s Principal, Stephen Hurworth, stated that he expects about 100 students to be enrolled during the school’s first year of operation.