Vasilis Vasilas to Present his New Book on Sydney Olympic FC History

Pan-Hellenic vs APIA in 1962: Sotos Patrinos and Filippo Bottalico

On the 24th of April, 2012, at 6.330 pm at the Hellenic Club, Mr. Vasilis Vasilas together with the Sydney Olympic Football Club will be presenting his new book “The Giant Who Never Awoke” focusing on the Panhellenic years of 1957-1976 before the Club was renamed Sydney Olympic FC.

The book will shed some light on interesting stories from the past and will focus not only on the on field history, but also on the many exciting fairytale moments of the club off the ground.

The book includes testimonials from over 80 people including coaches, players, directors and fans, and will include over 120 historical photos, some never before seen.

It will be an evening that no true Olympic fan should miss, as this is the history not only of our Club but also a big part of the history of football in Australia.