Genocide Education Website Launched at ANC Australia Banquet

During the annual banquet of the Armenian National Committee on November 25, the Armenian Genocide Education website was launched, which will assist Australian history studies teachers and their students to respectively teach and learn about genocides.

A project of the Armenian Historical Society of Australia (AHSA), the website provides more than 280,000 NSW students from years 9, 10 and HSC students with the resources to learn about this historic event, its relevance to Australia and its present day implications, within the extent of the history syllabus of the NSW Board of Studies Curriculum.

The Teachers Resources page describes those areas in the history syllabus where there is scope for the teaching of the Armenian Genocide.

Sourced primarily from Australian archives, background information regarding the Armenian Genocide and related topics such as the Greek Genocide, the Assyrian Genocide, Anzac Eyewitnesses, Australia’s Response to the Armenian Genocide, Genocide Denial and Recognition and Just Resolution can be found on the website.

The information is supplemented with video, images, maps, reading lists and student exercises to provide NSW history teachers and students with the necessary academic tools for teaching about and studying this tragic event in the history of the world.

“The testimonies of Australian soldiers who bore witness to the Armenian Genocide, the digitised copies of Australian newspaper reports of the massacres, and information relating to the ensuing humanitarian campaign by Australians for the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide is now easily accessible for every NSW history studies student” said ANC Australia Executive Director Varant Meguerditchian.

The website was populated with content by education professionals and genocide experts, including Dr Panayiotis Diamadis and Mr Vicken Babkenian of the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide studies.

Founded in 2008, the AHSA is a not-for-profit organisation established with the objective of gathering and recording the contributions of the Armenian-Australian community, researching the mutual history of the Armenian and Australian peoples and promoting and educating the Australian public about major episodes in the history of Armenia.

AHSA is a member of the History Council of New South Wales.