Greek History and Culture Seminars Organised in Melbourne

The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria and the Greek Program of La Trobe University are offering a program of Greek History and Culture during the 2011 academic year.

The seminars are open to everyone of post-secondary school age and aim to explore the long and fascinating history of Greece.

The seminars include:

The North Epiros Issue – ”A historical perspective” presented by Konstantinos Kalymnios and ”The Asia Minor Expedition of 1919-1922: Catastrophe and its aftermath” presented by Tassos Stathopoulos. Both seminars are to be held on Thursday 18 August.

For Thursday 25 August, the seminars to be presented are: ”The Road to Revolution: Events Leading to the 1955 Outbreak of Violence in the Greek-Cypriot Campaign for Independence” and ”The objectives of the Pan-Australian and Victorian Coordinating Committee for Justice for Cyprus.”

The remaining seminars for the last period of Greek History and Culture (1830-1990’s) will be held on September 1, 8 and 15. The topic ”The Greeks of the diaspora – The Greek presence in Australia”, will be covered during the period 29 September and 10 November.

Some of the topics to be covered in the seminars include: Greeks in Australia (a historical and statistical perspective), contributions of Greeks to multicultural Australia, Greek theatre in Australia, Greek music in Australia, Greek-Australian literature, Greek newspapers in Australia, Greek-Australian literary and cultural associations, Greek Week/Festival Antipodes, Greek radio programs, Greek magazines, Greek quires, Greek schools, Greek programs at tertiary institutions and the Greek community in the 21st century.

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(Source: neoskosmos)