DJ Krazy Kon presents GREECE 2011 Album

Australia’s internationally acclaimed Greek DJ/Producer presents the 9th installment in his iconic ‘GREECE’ CD Series. Now almost a decade on, the concept continues to break records and boundaries in the modern Greek dance music scene, both in Australia and overseas with distribution now into the USA & NZ.

DJ Krazy Kon is a living legend in the world of Greek music.  As a DJ and producer, his work is known around Australia and overseas, having headlined Greek festivals, club events and shows both nationally and internationally.  His name is synonymous with playing, producing and promoting Greek Music and events and has been at the forefront of the Greek entertainment industry in this country for 15 years.  He is recognized by many today as the most successful & influential Greek-Australian music artist of our time.

From his ideology and creation has spanned an iconic ‘GREECE’ CD series which consists of an annual must have CD.  He has now become a global name through his vision and raw talent and has revolutionised the art form of Greek Djing. He is signed with Somy Music Australia. In 2010, the DJ Krazy Kon brand hit the global stage with an overseas tour of the USA and sold out shows in Boston, New York, Chicago & Hollywood in Los Angeles.

This year’s “Greece” showcases a bangin’ 24 track CD mixed live in the studio by DJ Krazy Kon plus for the first time a DVD featuring an array of today’s hottest Greek music clips.

CD Track Listing:
Intro – Katerina In the Mix
1. Giorgos Alkaios – Opa
2. Tanya Boeva featuring Petros Imvrios – Kato Men – San Ke Emena
3. Maria Iakovou – Gia Sena Anasaino (DJ Panteli’s Official Remix)
4. Mattyas featuring Kristina S. – Secret Love
5. Theano – Pame (M. Giasiranis official remix)
6. Panagiotis Rafailidis – Petao Psila (Benyc official remix)
7. Master Tempo feat. Hristina Koletsa – Pio Kala
8. Master Tempo featuring Sunny Black – Kouna To
9. Tamta featuring Isaias Matiaba – Egoista
10. Anna Vissi – Agapi Ine Esi
11. Stavento feat. Ivi Adamou – San Erthi I Mera
12. Panos Kiamos Featuring Master Tempo –  Sfyrixa….Ki Elixes (Official Remix by Master Tempo)
13. Giorgos Tsalikis Featuring Master Tempo – Ta Perastika Mou (Single Version)
14. Hristos Holidis – Kakomathimeno
15. Thanos Petrelis – Thelo Kai Ta Pathaino
16. Despina Vandi – Gynaikes Dynates
17. Panos Kiamos – Ainigma – Album Version
18. Stathis Raftopoulos – Adika
19. Lena Papadopoulou – Thelo Na M’ Agapas
20. Lefteris Pantazis – Ise To Moro Mou
21. Giannis Ploutarhos – To Hastouki Tis Agapis
22. Nikos Economopoulos – Kathathesi Psihis
23. Giorgos Mazonakis – Diskola Feggaria 

DVD Video Listing:
1. Mattyas featuring Kristina S. – Secret Love (video)
2. Giorgos Tsalikis – Ta Perastika Mou (video)
3. Thanos Petrelis – Thelo Kai Ta Pathaino (video)
4. Giorgos Alkaios – Opa (video)
5.  Stavento feat. Ivi Adamou – San Erthi I Mera (video)
6. Anna Vissi – Agapi Ine Esi (video)
7. Master Tempo feat. Hristina Koletsa – Pio Kala (video)
8. Nigma – Paikse Mazi Mou (Video)

13/03  Arkaba, ADELAIDE
27/03  Greek Festival, SYDNEY
06/04  Spice Market, MELBOURNE
25/04  The Basement, SYDNEY 

07/05  Hostage, WOLLONGONG
03/06  Ultras 18s, SYDNEY
05/06  Llama Bar, PERTH
Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra – tbc

JUNE 2011: New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco – tbc




  1. is DJ Crazy Con having any club night in Melbourne for the launch of greece 2011 like back in the day?