Vrakoforoi Dance Group Of Crete Invited to Melbourne by Pan-Cretan Union

The Vrakoforoi Group of Crete is an organization with 25 dance members.  It will be participating in the celebration of the 144th anniversary of the Holocaust of the Monastery in Melbourne, after being invited by Pan-Cretan Union Melbourne, Australia.

The group includes leader Antonis Katikaki, general manager Kostas Zambetaki, dancers, and a full orchestra orchestra including Anastasio Bagouraki playing the Lyra and singing, and Manoli Xaxlaki playing the Laouto.  The group will travel to Australia with the crew of the Creta Channel.

During their stay in Melbourne, a part of the group will appear at the formal dinner dance of the Pan-Cretan Union of the Cretan Village in Melbourne at the Union Festival of Thessaloniki. The group is also scheduled to be part of a series of seminars about Cretan dance and song.  They will also visit consulates, religious and political authorities of Melbourne who are associated with Crete.