Nights…full of Anna Vissi!

Amazing, fabulous, unique, goddess are words that cannot fully describe Anna Vissi and her performance in Adelaide. With this concert the popular singer finished her tour in Australia. Anna Vissi was on stage for more that 2 hours and a half, singing and presenting her “fabulous show” in the whole Australia. All her fans were there and the concerts were full of people singing every single song of the popular singer. Some of the concerts were sold out, which is certainly something very emotive.

Anna Vissi was applauded for her amazing performance, her perfect voice, her positive mood and her contact with her audience. She was on stage full of energy and passion, singing songs of her career The highlight of this tour was a young stripper- fan of the singer in Melbourne. During the special show, Anna detected this fan wearing a T-shirt writing “I love Anna Vissi”. Anna Vissi singed with him on stage. He proved to be one of her most passionate fans as he knew all her songs and he had a tattoo with her. Anna Vissi couldn’t believe this until he put off his T-shirt and revealed the tattoo.

Speaking for her performances in Australia, Anna Vissi said: “I am impressed by the fact that children of second and third generation know my songs. And I am touched. I was also impressed that they asked me to sing a different kind of Greek music. Of course, I couldn’t refuse it.”
Anna Vissi also commented on the Eurovision song contest, characterizing it as a fete. She also clarified that George Alkaios was very good and that she liked his performance.