Victorians to pay $250,000 to film drama based on Snowtown Greek Murders

3The Herald Sun reported that Victorians will pay almost $250,000 to bring one of the worst serial killings in our history to the big screen.
Filming of the multi-million-dollar movie adaptation of the Snowtown murders, partly financed by the Victorian Government, is set to begin by August 1.
The story is about the horrific murders of 12 people killed and stuffed in barrels in South Australia between 1992 and 1999.
The State Government and Australian film advocates have trumpeted the decision as good for the industry and jobs, but victims of crime advocates are outraged that public money will be used to highlight gruesome killings. The Snowtown murders came to light when eight bodies were found in barrels of acid at a rented former bank building in Snowtown on May 20, 1999.
The gruesome story will be produced by Warp Films Australia, will be told from the viewpoint of perpetrator turned star crown witness Greek Jamie Vlassakis (foto), who was drawn into the murder by John Justin Bunting, the ringleader of the four killers. Vlassakis, Bunting, Robert Joe Wagner and Mark Ray Haydon were all convicted of murder or assisting in the murders.
Warp Films Australia managing director Anna McLeish said to the Herald Sun the film would have a largely unknown cast because the content of the film would be so sensitive, and wouldn’t be aiming to snare high-profile stars like those in Underbelly.
“We don’t seek to attach big names to it, we don’t see that it’s necessary. The material itself is so incredibly strong,” she said.
(source: herald sun)