skopjeFYROM threatened to vote against the candidacy of Australia for a seat in the UN Security Council if the Rudd Government does not take action against the Premier of South Australia, Mike Runn.
The Skopje government is allegedly deeply troubled by Mike Runn which has accused Macedonia of “theft of Greek history and Greek culture.
The Ambassador of FYROM to Australia, Peter Stogianovski, said he would [not] seek an explanation but an apology.
“It will depend on what Canberra tells us as to whether will vote in favour of the nomination of Australia for a seat in the UN Security Council,” said Mr Stogianovski.
Mr Runn is however adamant. “I believe what I say and will not apologize,” he said.
A day earlier Mr. Runn said: “I will speak about the Greek origin of Macedonia and nobody is going to stop me because it’s something I believe.”
Mr. Runn, has for years, supported the Greek position on FYROM and Cyprus in every possible way, causing anger to residents of Australia from Turkey and Macedonia.
He recently accused the president of FYROM as “instigator of problems in the most dangerous way.

(Source: neos kosmos)


  1. What are you talking about…all the albinians that has there names changed to greek sounding ones are the problem aswell as the turkish orthoxod which have had there names changed to greek sounding ones, yeas and the macedonians…tooo they are the problem…half the greeks dont even know what they are…..,.,