Exports of Australian beef to the E.U. are to be doubled

Exports of Australian bovine meat to countries of the European Union are expected to double according to a common announcement of the Minister of Commerce Simon Crean and the Minister of Agricultures, Fisheries, and Forestry, Tony Burke, which dealt with the free access of Australian bovine meat to the European market during the first quarter of 2010, with the abolishment of the 20% tax that has been in effect up to now.
The only other country that has taxless access to the EU market is the United States.
The bovine meat exports from Australia to the EU are expected to double from the current 11.000 tonnes that are bringing in around Aus$136 million to Australia. The success took place further to the recent cooperation with the EU on quality control and strict nutrition requirements, with a view to production of high quality meat according to the EU guidelines and is considered important, especially after the rise of the Australian dollar against the euro, which is making exports to Europe more difficult.
(Source : neos kosmos)