The first Greek to settle in South Australia

The first Greek to settle in South Australia was Georgios Tramountanas, who arrived at Port Adelaide in 1842, just six years after the British established another settlement there. The interesting story of Tramountanas has been recorded by his descendants on a special website they created:, from which we learn that:
Georgios Tramountanas was born in Athens, Greece in 1822. He was from a family of shipbuilders/seamen who lived on the Isle of Limnos, but also had family connections to Thessaloniki. It is believed that he had been to Australia on a previous occasion, before coming back with his brother Theodoros, arriving in Pt. Adelaide in 1842. Georgios decided to stay there, but Theodoros journeyed on to Albany in Western Australia, never to be heard of again. The name Tramountanas means north wind from the mountains and before his marriage in 1858, Georgios Tramountanas changed his name to George North. He became a “Naturalised British subject” on April 8, 1878.