“The Kingdom of Paramithi” by the Wiggles

Australia’s richest entertainers The Wiggles have produced a TV show that won’t require them to wear a colored skivvy. For the first time, they have put together a project outside their famous children’s singing group and plan to market it around the world.

The brainchild of Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and his brother Paul, who is also the group’s producer and director, The Kingdom of Paramithi (Greek for fairytale) is a children’s program based on telling the story of well-known nursery rhymes. Now none of them is Greek or of Greek descent. So how did they learn the word paramithi and why? I seems that the answer is Michaela Patisteas. In spite of being named as “Bachelor of the Year” in Cleo Magazine, Field married Michaela Patisteas, of Greek descent in 2003.

With 30 half-hour episodes already finished, the Fields are planning to present their new show at the prestigious MIPCON conference in France, the world market for TV sales, next week. The show will debut in Australia on Channel 9 on November 10.

source: news.com.au