A Greek among the “Best Job in the World” Finalists

Among the 50 finalists for the "Best Job in the World" there is a Greek girl named Kat. As she states in her one...

Nicolaides is finally free!

mXBc_B9_kQo Harry Nicolaides is free and back at his home in Melbourne after being jailed in Bangkok for three months charged with defamation of Thailand's...

Greek-Australians write Greece’s Eurovision Song

Craig Porteils (born in Craig Portelis)  and Cameron Giles-Webb are the Greek Australian musical composers and songwriters who wrote the lyrics for the song...

Peter Andrikidis: One of Australia’s most experienced directors

"Underbelly" director Peter Andrikidis of Greek descent broke the rules and changed Australian television. Peter Andrikidis brought Australian drama back and swept the television categories of the Australian Film Institute Awards (AFI) 2008.

Greeks did well in 2008 Victorian elections

Twenty Greek candidates were elected in the Victorian local elections of 2008. Α record number of 67 candidates of Greek descent had been nominated.

Several Greeks were alleged to be involved in Mokbel’s escape.

George Elias of Greek descent last week pleaded guilty to helping the accused murderer Mokbel flee while he was on bail.

Jemaine Clement and Miranda Manasiadis became parents

Clement's wife of Greek descent, actress and playwright Miranda Manasiadis, gave birth to a boy in New York last month.

Nicolaides begs for help from his cell in Thailand

Last week, the Greek-Australian writer sent a letter to his family asking one more time for help, from his cell in Thailand.The writer who...