Helen Marcou Inducted To Victorian Women’s Honor Roll

Helen Marcou, a well-known and respected music activist has been inducted to the Victorian Honour Roll For Women, the Victorian Minister For Women, Fiona Richardson announced last week at a ceremony.

Richardson said that Marcou has accomplished “remarkable achievements and commitment to her field of endeavor,” adding that this recognition is “a testament to her inspirational leadership and outstanding passion”.

The Victorian Honor Roll For Women began in 2001 and Marcou will be joining the list of women who have been honored for their contribution to their community as well as international involvement.

In 2010 Helen Marcou co-founded Save Live Australia’s Music (SLAM) movement. She is also responsible for helping put together a rally to support live music performances – taking a stance against statements made by the Australian government that there was a connection between live music events and violence. The rally brought together over 20,000 people and was “the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history” according to themusic.com.au.

Marcou is also the co-owner of Bakehouse Studios in Melbourne and has dedicated her life to defend local live music as a member of the Victorian government’s Live Music Roundtable and has had other awards bestowed on her such as in 2010 when she was named one of the city’s top 100 most influential and creative individuals by Melbourne magazine. She has also been nominated for Female Of The Year in Rolling Stone, and won The Age EG Award’s first-ever prize for outstanding achievement for services to the music community.