Check Out ‘The White Tower Melbourne’ Made of 8,000 Crocheted Flowers at the Greek Centre!

The White Tower Melbourne sculpture, which was given to the City of Melbourne on November 27 as a part of the festival for the 32nd anniversary celebrations of the Sister City relationship between Melbourne and Thessaloniki, has found a new home in the foyer of the Greek Centre on Lonsdale Street.

The White Tower Melbourne is a replica of the White Tower, Thessaloniki’s most famous landmark, which was made in large part by volunteers from Melbourne, Thessaloniki and Athens who crocheted 8,000 white laurel flowers.

The project to knit the flowers was initially launched by Maria Vamvakinou and the Greek community of Melbourne pulled together to show an amazing response as groups got together at various workshops with their crochet hooks and wool to create the white laurel flowers while enjoying good company to recreate the famous icon.