Suspect in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall Tragedy Identified







Three people, including a baby in a stroller, were among the victims of an attack in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall.

Authorities are reporting that Dimitris Gargasoulas, known as ‘Jimmy’ rammed his car into the crowd on the street killing three people and injuring another 20 before being chased down by police according to news reports.

Among the 20 victims there are up to 4 children reported to be injured and being treated at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

“People were running out of the way, they were going very, very fast. I saw him hit a few people,” a witness told CNN affiliate Sky News, adding, “I saw bodies flying into the air.”

CNN has reported that investigators are looking into whether or not the incident is related to an altercation that took place at the perpetrator’s family home as he was staying with his mother in a public housing flat in Windsor where his brother Angelo was stabbed previous to the event at Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall in the early hours of Friday.

Sources have reported that Jimmy has a history of violence, drug abuse and psychological problems and had just been released on bail over the weekend after being arrested for allegedly committing crimes including family violence and stealing a car.