Meet Dimitra Kleisari: The 24 Year-old Greek Woman Elected Mayor of Stonington

klisarisThe new mayor of the municipally of Stonington in Victoria, Australia is 24-year-old Greek-Australian Dimitra Kleisari.

She will be governing over the municipality of Stonington which is made up of 110,000 constituents and makes up eight different regions of the Eastern District of Victoria.

Last week the young politician was elected to the high office where most of the surrounding politicians are twice her age.

klisaris familyGrowing up the daughter of Paul Kleisaris was a defining influence in Dimitra’s life, as her father was first elected as a Monash councillor in 2000, served as Mayor in 2008, 2009 and 2014-15 as well as running for federal office as a candidate for the Labour Party n 2016.

“In a way, I felt very early that I belonged in this space. This is where you encounter people from all walks of life, wanting help to improve their daily lives…I was struck by how demanding this role was, but at the same time how efficient. How much difference my father made in the lives of people who trusted him with their vote,” Dimitra said, according to pontosnews.