Jim Sarris, New Head of Delphi Bank: ‘The Hellenic Community Will Continue to be at the Core of Our Strategy’

jim sarris delphi bank Delphi Bank has a new leader, Jim Sarris who has been appointed the head of the bank following a career in the banking sector that has spanned some 20 years.

As the new head of Delphi, Sarris is looking to strengthen the bank’s connections in the community, in particular, the Hellenic community.

“Engagement and commitment to our community are fundamental to Delphi Bank,” Mr Sarris said to neoskosmos.com.

Delphi Bank is the largest Hellenic Bank in Australia, a country that has a healthy population of diaspora totaling around 450,000 people according to the national census.

Sarris has been involved in creating opportunities in the diaspora community for years and has a proven track record for encouraging growth in the Greek-Australian community.

Before the Bank of Cyprus Australia became Delphi Bank in 2013, Sarris served as director of the Bank of Cyprus Australia’s Charity Foundation where he raised over $300,000 which was donated to various organizations such as Very Special Kids, Agapi Care, Australian Greek Welfare Society (now Pronia) and Camp Australia.

Now as head of Delphi, he plans to continue to focus on the development of the Hellenic community.

“The Hellenic community will continue to be at the core of our strategy and Delphi Bank is well placed to offer premium services and products to new and existing clients,” he said.