Xenophon Party Set to Block Same-sex Marriage Plebiscite

nick xenophonNick Xenophon and his party, the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT), is set to block same-sex marriage, according to statements NXT made on Monday.

“We do not support (the marriage equality plebiscite proposal of the government),” the statement said in response to the Liberal party’s plebiscite proposal, specifically.

NXT says that the main reasons for their blocking the proposed for same-sex marriage is due to economics.

The vote of the proposal is estimated to cost a steep bill, the NXT party stated, adding that the decision should be made in parliament not as a plebiscite, which would also make it a free vote.

“This is a decision the parliament should make now…the (cost of the) plebiscite, which in any event could be disregarded by the parliament, could be in the order of $160m or more. We believe this money could be better spent,” NXT stated.

“Each of us supports marriage equality and we are ready to vote accordingly,” they added.


  1. This is antihellenic. Ancient Greeks didn’t endorse homosexuals but they didn’t oppress them either. It’s called FREEDOM.

    Pop Quiz: What’s worse the leftist “Greeks” that shamelessly vote for a Marxists or the Greek “patriots” that shamelessly vote for Nazis?

    Would Socrates have endorsed Hitler? Would Aristotle have given a thumb up to Karl Marx? These are very simple questions to answer for the Greeks that don’t try to substitute modern, foreign, political ideologies with Hellenism.

  2. This isn’t about Hellenism, religion or individual ideologies. It’s about the legal right to marry. In this country individuals are seen to have rights and FREEDOMS even if those notions aren’t enshrined in a constitution like the U.S.A. A core component of this is anti-discrimination or the right not to be discriminated. By allowing others to marry legally (not religiously) nobody is being discriminated against. By refusing others to marry based on gender they are being discriminated against.

    The right to not be discriminated against is contradictory to discriminating against peoples right to legally marry based on their gender. It’s a slippery slope allowing such discrimination. What’s stopping politicians enacting legislation that discriminates against people that associate with Hellenism? The very principle of an individuals legal right not to be discriminated against is what stops this yet apparently you’re happy to discriminate and risk everybody’s rights and FREEDOMS!!!

    What your argue for is actually the erosion of freedom.

  3. A man without ideology is protoplasm. It is an animal reacting to stimuli. On this planet, only man is advanced enough to a world view.

    Those that believe they are above an ideology are most oppressive of all. Like ISIS they are they are self-righteous fanatics that fantasize they are above the fray.

  4. You do realize Greece has had no slavery since it liberated itself from the Turks right?

    And remind us again did the native Indians agree to have their entire homelands stolen from them? No right of return for them? No compensation for the mass atrocities committed against them? How about finally giving some of America back to the actual Americans… rather than the illegal immigrants that stole their property?

    I suggest you look at US history beyond American nationalist narratives before lecturing other on ethics too loudly.

  5. Strawman argument. You haven’t addressed any of the issues I’ve raised. Just tried to deflect attention from the inadequacies and contradictions I pointed out in your original ‘lecturing’. I never brought up the United States of America’s history. You did. I merely pointed out that even in a country that doesn’t have rights and freedoms enshrined in our constitution there are still legal protections for these. Protections you seem happy to abolish and therefore erode everybody’s rights and freedoms who choose to call Australia home.

  6. Politicians are elected to financially manage Australia and enact legislation. If you don’t understand this discussion is about legal rights and not personal ideologies then there’s not much point discussing it.

    By all means continue to make irrelevant strawman arguments. Continue to not address the flaws and contradictions I pointed out in your original post. Continue to compare people to the Nazi’s and ISIS. You’re obviously a rational person who likes to discuss things and not some bigoted name caller who likes to shout their own bigoted personal ideologies as loud as they can.