Diplomatic Counsuls Fighting to Keep Greek and Italian Languages in Northcote Schools

greek in highs cool australiaResidents whose children attend Northcote High School in Melbourne’s inner north are voicing discontent as the school has recently announced that it will be phasing out its Greek and Italian language programs.

The school will continue to teach Chinese and French, as they are trying to rebrand their school image as an “elite” school, according to parents.

“Schools that want to project an image of privilege tend to favor certain languages and Italian and Greek are not typically among them,” a parent commented according to theage.com.au.

The irony is that the two most common languages spoken within the greater Darebin community happen to be Greek and Italian, as around 15 percent of residents speak one of the two languages.

Even the Greek and Italian Consul Generals have become involved in trying to reverse the decision to phase out the languages.

The diplomatic officials have organized a meeting to discuss the issue with James Merlino, the education minister.

The Greek consul for Educational Affairs, Georgia Nikolaidou, recently commented on the issue, saying that she felt the decision to walk away from the languages was “flawed,” according to theage.com.au.