Church Concerned Safe Schools Anti-Bullying Program Promotes Gender Confusion

safe schoolsThe Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia has voiced opposition to a school program that aims to curb bullying among children.

The Church will be holding information sessions run by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia to educate parents on the program’s “concerning radical gender theory” this month in Victoria, according to

The anti-bullying program, Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) started in 2010 and officially commenced in 2014 and was designed to protect LGBTI school students from bullying at school and in social settings as well as to provide a platform to further educate teachers and school staff about related issues.

The Australian Education Union said in a statement on that the program is an absolutely necessity for school children dealing with bullying. “A majority of young LGBTI people report bullying and 80% of those say that it happens at school,” it said. “All young people should be able to feel safe and supported at school.”

Archdiocese’s SRI program coordinator in Victoria, Daniel Bellis says that the Church is in opposition to the “radical gender theory.” Basically, the Church is fearful that by teaching students from kindergarten to high school about a homosexual and transgender life style it somehow confuses them.

“The traditional understanding of male and female gender is being displaced by gender radical theory where a person may no longer identify as male or female, and that is being taught to kids, and potentially confusing them. So that’s what we’re most concerned about,” Bellis told

“It’s no longer male or female…There’s eight or 10 definitions of sexuality now, which seems to be liberating, but it’s having the opposite effect and narrowing the expression of the individual’s sexuality.”

“We advocate for a broad definition of what it means to be a male or female rather than the narrowing of the definition to include all these other types of genders.”