Just Opened: Chef George Calombaris’ Hellenic Hotel in Williamstown

hellenic hotelGeorge Calombaris has expanded the reach of his Hellenic empire to Williamstown.

The Greek-Australian chef and restaurateur, is also a judge of the Network Ten series MasterChef Australia and already owns over a handful of restaurants in Melbourne.

Known to draw on his Greek and Cypriot heritage for inspiration, Calombaris has opened a modern-day taverna boasting polished concrete floors, whitewashed brick walls and blue and white decor.

Hellenic Hotel completes a trilogy in Calombaris’ Hellenic branches restaurants following the previously opened Hellenic Republics in Brunswick and Kew.

hellenic hotel interiorThe menu holds true to Hellenic’s trademark dishes such as taramasalata, souvlakia with soft-shell crab or crisp fried lamb’s brains and onion rings. Also dishes such as kritharaki and squid ink, mussels and clams topped with ribbons of shaved fennel are prepared fresh and presented on the menu overseen by head chef Josh Pelham.

For more information about Hellenic Hotel, Hellenic Republic Kew and Hellenic Republic Brunswick see: http://hellenicrepublic.com.au