Australia-Greece Work Visa Approved by Greek Parliament

greek-orthodox-community-cultural-centreThe new bilateral agreement between Australia and Greece, regarding work and holiday visas was recently ratified by the Greek Parliament. The Greek Community of Melbourne was relieved to hear the news since the visa had been part of the organization’s agenda for almost four years.

After the bill was ratified by the Greek Parliament the Greek Community President Bill Papastergiadis noted: “Despite the delays and the difficulties, we never gave up.”

“We continually made representation to both governments and particularly to Greece. The result overnight reflects how the Greek Community of Melbourne in consultation with others can affect government change here and in Greece.”

The Work and Holiday Visa is expected to benefit hundreds of young Greeks and Australians who wish to travel between the countries to work for up to twelve months.

The Greek Community of Melbourne has formed a committee in collaboration with other Greek organizations in order to help with any issues that might arise during the relocation of people between Greece and Australia.


  1. Dear all, would you please be able to let me know if this decision has already passed as a law? Are greek citizens allowed to apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa yet? Thank you.