Australia Will ‘Speak Greek in March’

greek community of melbourneIn December 2014, the Greek community of Australia announced its intention to take initiative and establish a Greek-speaking month in the country. Their initiative has been scheduled for this March, encouraging everyone in Australia to speak Greek.

Sakis Zafeiropoulos, who envisioned the idea, has received many positive comments regarding his initiative, while he is supported by Vasilis Papastergiadis, President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria, who noted that he was delighted to help with the campaign.

The temporary organizing committee met at the Greek Community building in Melbourne and outlined a draft campaign plan that will encourage Greek-Australians to speak Greek in their homes, businesses, schools and Greek Diaspora organizations during March 2015.

Furthermore, the campaign will be making use of modern technology, such as smartphones. Greek-Australians will be able to receive reminders and even a Greek word of the day.

The committee will meet again over the next days in order to publicly announce its final proposals regarding the campaign.

March is the month all Greek festivals take place in Australia due to the March 25, 1821, celebration, when the Greek war of independence started. However, the campaign will launch in the end of February in sync with the Greek festivals of Melbourne and Sydney.

The original campaign title is “Speak Greek in March,” although it may change in the future.