Greek Breast Cancer Information Day

breast cancerMany Greek-Australian women participated in the breast cancer information day that was organized by the Breast Cancer Network of Australia in cooperation with the Greek Community of Melbourne and the Australian Social Welfare. The day’s main speakers were Oncology Professor John Boyages from Macquarie University Cancer Institute in Sydney and Voula Kallianis, a social worker at St Vincent’s hospital in Melbourne.

Boyages reassured women who face the possibility of breast cancer recurrence, saying that “in the majority of cases, the cancer does not return. Do not be afraid every time you feel some pain,” he said.

At the beginning of his speech, he talked about this form of cancer, analyzing its nature, the reasons that cause it, its stages and its treatment. Then he gave tips on psychological and physical care that women can offer themselves. Concluding his speech, he answered audience questions.

Kallianis stressed that Melbourne hospitals are offering their assistance to such cases and made a special reference to everything that a patient should do after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Furthermore, she noted that a healthy diet along with exercise and psychological support from the patient’s family or attendance of support groups can help people during the progression of their disease.

The audience was informed about support programs for women with breast cancer at the Breast Cancer Network Australia by social worker Spyridoula Tsintzira, while they also received informative material written in Greek.

Finally, Tina Douvos and Tania Samartzi, who work with the Australian Social Welfare, spoke about the help offered by Australian social welfare institutions.