The Greek Shepherd Who Became a Leading Businessman

booksA few days ago, a book was released about a young shepherd from Arcadia, Greece, who went on to become a taxi driver in Melbourne and through hard work, perseverance, honesty and charisma, he managed to turn into one of the leading businessmen in Australia.

The book is entitled “Andreas Andrianopoulos: This is My Life” and was written by Anastasios Tamis.

Andrianopoulos’ life emerges through historical events that plagued his homeland, Arcadia, through the adventures that led him to the decision to leave for Australia, the suffering and tormented life of a teenager who worked in patisserie kitchens and cafes.

The author presents the complete life of a man, who over the course of 80 years has known deprivation and fear, death and life, sickness and triumph, happiness and suffering, money and poverty, while he has also shared his joy with everyone around him.


  1. Tamis was paid to write the book. A gun for hire. Why not celebrate the achievements of the Greek doctors and teachers who look after the sick and educate the young, rather than celebrate who has a lot of money? A chain of servos and lots of money… Whatever.