Makis Marmaridis belongs to the second generation of Greek immigrants to Australia, “the successful generation” as he describes it. He is a pioneer of Australia’s information technology field, and today is leading IMTG, an IT Consultancy and Software Company that has grown rapidly, and is now expanding to the US.

The Greek-Australian was born in Melbourne to Greek parents, but the family returned to Greece when he was very young. He spent his childhood in Paiania, a suburb of Athens, and although he was an excellent student he started working at his father’s furniture shop during school breaks.

“This is where I learned what hard work means and developed a strong work ethic,” says Marmaridis who might have acquired his entrepreneurial skills at his father’s furniture business, but his real passion was in the online world.

“I was one of the first to have internet connection at home. I was browsing the internet when there where no graphics on the WWW, back then it was just plain text and direct commands to the modem,” remembers the Greek-Australian whose love for technology and innovation started well before his professional career. (Watch our interview below)

Download a free copy of Makis Marmaridis’ book on e-learning, Courtesy of IMTG to Greek Reporter

After high school, he decided to return to Australia and study computer science, on a path to turn his biggest passion into a career. He graduated with honors and impressed a great number of important people in the field. This led him to a full time job as an IT consultant and software architect at the University of Western Sydney and later at a number of different companies that he helped grow.

In 2000, Marmaridis realized that after 3 years of professional IT experience, it was time to start his own company,  IMTG (Information Management Technology Group).

Today, Marmaridis is spearheading projects for some of Australia’s largest corporations while expanding to foreign markets at the same time through his IT consultancy and software firm. IMTG has also developed its own innovative CRM and e-learning online tools that have gained great popularity in Australia’s government sector, financial Institutions and private colleges.

More specifically, IMTG helps medium, large and enterprise organizations including Government Departments, maintain and support e-learning platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms and optimize their computing resources and applications for the Cloud.

“It’s not how big or small a job is, but what is the impact we can have on growing the client’s business and how we can develop a win-win situation for both,” says Marmaridis.

IMTG recently opened its latest office in Canberra in addition to its Sydney and Melbourne locations in Australia. The company has already started working with clients overseas after the opening of a US office in New York, two years ago.

“We believe that the world is a global space and in our industry we can help companies grow no matter where they might be located,” says Marmaridis whose Greek pride shows full-force when you ask him about the Greek spirit of innovation.

“Innovation is in our blood since Ancient times, and I am always happy and proud to see the new wave of startups coming out of Greece, and I also know a lot of Greeks that do great work in the Silicon Valley.”

“We have worked with many Greek-Australians and through our new office in New York I hope that we ‘ll work with Greek-Americans as well. I am confident that when Greeks come together, achieve great things,” adds Marmaridis who is also a published author, public speaker and passionate open-source software advocate.

The recipient of many awards for academic excellence and outstanding achievement, Marmaridis, also holds several technology patents. An active contributor to the Open source software movement and a full member of the Australian Computer Society, member of the IEEE and ACM in the USA.

In addition to overseeing all aspects of IMTG, Marmaridis has co-authored three books, taught University courses, and has had many of his research papers published internationally. He has presented his research at 21 conferences and research forums, including the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

His philanthropic endeavors include supporting charities that promote education and stand against domestic abuse worldwide.

Learn more about IMTG at the company’s official website or connect with Makis Marmaridis on Linkedin.


  1. The chances of success abroad is 🙂 much better then in Greece because of the way the system runs itself and the help and support by government sectors unlike in Greece they kill u before the start…

  2. In the 1920’s one of Grandfathers abandoned his house and land and shifted empty handed to a richer area of Greece to become a trader in everything.
    Even with the German occupation life did not become as difficult as when the Greek Communists and then the Fascists took over in turn. Both regarded anyone who worked long hours and smart as an enemy or a fool to steal from. That type of thinking may just be under the surface of life in Greece. In some parts of the Australian economy the Greek disease is begining to show itself.