Greek History and Culture Seminars in Melbourne


A new series of seminars on the Greek history and culture of Melbourne’s hellenic community begin on Thursday with a keynote address from former Science Minister Dr. Barry Jones.

Dr. Nick Dallas, head of the committee organizing the seminars, stated that the community is very pleased that Dr. Jones, a known lover of Ancient Greece, accepted his invitation to open a new series of seminars.

Looking to present new speakers and topics, the organizing committee has arranged for three-quarters of this year’s distinguished line-up to be first-time speakers at the seminars, with only one-third of delegates hailing from Australia.

Thematically, however, the seminars will be similar to last year. The first series of seminars will be related to Ancient Greece and philosophy, while at the second series a variety of topics for the modern historical period and dispersion will be presented.

The first lecture will be given by the Professor of Classics and Ancient History Alastair Blanchard from the University of Queensland. An officer of the Australian Armed Forces, Andreas Argyridis, who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is expected to give a lecture later this year.

The seminars are free and open to the public and will take place at the hall of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society until the community’s new building is complete


  1. This is so cool. Every community should have such depth of examination of its cultural roots. this will definitely help the people of Melbourne predict their future.