Grimbilas’ Baby Daughter Passes Away

gribilas3The infant daughter of Greek-Australian journalist Kostas Grimbilas passed away after suffering serious health problems, a numbing loss for the family.

Grimbilas announced his daughter’s death via his personal account on Facebook writing “We warmly thank you for your messages of love. Unfortunately, my little angel did not make it…”

“I don’t know if what I’m doing is right, but my child is struggling to stay alive from one moment to another. I am begging you to pray for my child,” Grimbilas had written a day before.

The love messages of his friends were numerous but unfortunately his little girl did not make it. He thanked them all for their support and said her death left her family devastated.

Grimbilas has been made known some years ago due to another tragic story. In November 2007, when he was working as chief editor in a TV show, he felt breathless and was transferred to a hospital. He was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and needed an artificial heart since August 2008.

An unexpected event, the death of young Dujon Zammit, who was attacked and killed on the Greek island Mykonos outside a nightclub, turned out to save Grimbilas’ life. Zammit’s parents decided to offer their son’s heart to Grimbila.

Grimbilas’ life changed from that moment. He was thanking God for this gift of life and wished to have a baby with his wife but now they have suffered an irrecoverable loss.