Turkey Miffed Australia Recognizes Armenian Genocide

davutogluphotosimaia_638_355Turkey speaks of “forgery of history” and characterizes the testimonies of Australians who fought at Gallipoli as” lies.” Australians reacted strongly to these allegations.

The parliament of New South Wales is in a head-on collision with the Turkish government after its decision to recognize the genocide of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians by the Ottoman Empire.

The Turkish government with the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu threatened the Australian politicians who distort history “that they are not allowed to attend events for the one hundredth anniversary of Gallipoli which will be held in 2015.”

In Gallipoli, a hundred years ago, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders were massacred by the forces of Ataturk when they attempted to disembark in the Dardanelles as part of the allied forces. Major events at Gallipoli with the participation of tens of thousands of Australians are scheduled to take place in 2015.


  1. Turkey is still a genocidal maniac. They still murder what few Armenians are left. They attack Kurds in North Iraq. They have an occupation force in Cyprus, they supply arms to numerous factions of the heart eating heading Syrian “rebels”. They were caught harvesting Serbian organs. They admitted to setting fires in Greece. They regularly enter Greek Air and Naval space. They have a large Ukrainian woman sex slavery industry. They keep destroying what little is left of Christian properties. They support KLA terrorist groups in Balkans. They support Uighar terrorists in China.

    The list goes on and on.

  2. Do you guys read your histories properly ?

    Do you research what really happened and when it happened when you write your editorials?
    I quote you above “In Gallipoli, a hundred years ago, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders were massacred by the forces of Ataturk when they attempted to disembark in the Dardanelles as part of the allied forces” –
    On what basis do you reach to this assumption? Ataturk massacred Australians is a highly erroneous statement . Do you have any idea how many Ottoman soldiers got killed in that war of Dardanels . AND who got massacred !
    Well I am not going to tell you , go and research it yourself in the books that Australians have written about that war . Australian authors readily accept that they had no business in invading someone else’s country!
    Second issue the allied forces was no United Nations it was a force to conquer the Ottoman lands and divide it between Europeans including Greece . Ataturk and the Ottoman army was trying to protect their country against this vicious attack.
    I am not even going to worry about the Armenians and Assyrians, may be the author of the above article should study their historical facts before we get into those statements.
    Reporters and editors of news should have respect to the historical facts and do not twist things to suit to their political benefit or masters.
    Mr Davutoglu did not ban all Austarlians but the NSW mob!`

  3. What a ridiculously racist article this is? Firstly, we weren’t fighting ‘in defence of Australia’ – Australia wasn’t even in the sphere of war, nor on any of the nations’ minds, during WW1. We were fighting for the Commonwealth and its allies – WE invaded Turkey, not the other way around.

    Secondly, why does the Australian War Memorial ignore the frontier war? The battle between Aboriginal people and the settlers. On 18th December 1998 in the ACT Supreme Court, Justice Crispin delivered his judgement on the Aboriginal genocide case ruling “There is ample evidence to satisfy me that acts of genocide were committed during the colonisation of Australia.” (para 78)

    If I were a Turk, I would erect an Aboriginal Genocide monument right in the middle of ANZAC Cove, and dedicate it to the racist politicians who obviously caved in to the Turk hating ethnic lobby groups exploitations. Otherwise the genocide of the traditional owners of this land will always be absent from war dead commemorations.

  4. Digger what a great idea to erect an Aboriginal Genocide monument at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli in Turkey. But as a Turk I would not disgrace the memories and the spirits of those that lay there for the sake of revenge of the Greek diaspora in NSW
    or any other political lobby movement . But a good reminder for those Australian politicians who fall into the traps of a few lobbyist for the sake of a few votes.