Greek Taxiplon Boosts Melbourne Taxi Service

taxiplon_clickataxiEven if the effort of Greek taxi owners to bring Greek taxi drivers to Melbourne has not been crowned with success, they say that Greek technology will boost their industry.

We are referring to the Greek Taxiplon invention, created to offer the traveling public a new dimension in taxi services. The new revolutionary Taxiplon platform offers a wealth of information to the driver,  in addition to providing access to customers using the passenger app or web booking service.

This system, which is to be imported from Greece, will be applied in Melbourne from three Greek taxi companies.
All three company cars will be equipped with the innovative Greek software’s navigation system that connects to the Taxiplon smart phone applications as well.

The government, after two years of research, is expected within the next few weeks to announce its decisions in order for the residents and visitors of Victoria to enjoy the highest possible level of taxi service.

Regarding the failed experiment to attract taxi drivers from Greece, Iraklis Katsiambanis, owner of TaxiLink, stressed  that it was the result of the strict Australian immigration law along with other difficulties.