Greek of Tasmania And His Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemum-morifoliiGreek-Australian Nick Saramaskos, who lives in Hobart, Tasmania, has become famous for producing chrysanthemums.

Born on the island of Kimolos, he immigrated as a child to Australia, where his struggle for survival began. His education was low as poverty did not allow any further luxuries. From a tender age he worked at sea jobs with his brother. When he was a little older, he went to Egypt and then to India. However, the heat there was unbearable and once he was given the opportunity, together with a friend of his, decided to go back to Australia. At first, they landed in the heart of immigrants in Melbourne, where he stayed for some time. His restless spirit however led him to Tasmania, where he settled permanently in Hobart.

When working as an employee, one of his employers, a renowned chrysanthemum grower, drew the attention of young Nick. Having being introduced to the art of growing chrysanthemums, Nick decided to create his own “garden of Eden” in Hobart.

All year round he cultivates high-quality chrysanthemums showing great love and affection for them. He grows a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. In fact, he imports rare species of chrysanthemums from Japan and other countries as well.
Every time Nick and his wife travel to various cities of Australia their “children” are exhibited and awarded. Saramaskos took out honors with Large Exhibition, Gigantic.