Aussies From Kythera Push Tourism

1060631-Avlemonas-Kythira_IslandGreeks from Kythera were the first to immigrate to Australia and in 1922 founded the Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia, known today as the Kytherian Association of Australia.

According to the Association’s Cultural Officer, George Vardas, there are more than 60,000 Greeks with roots in Kythera who live in Australia.

This year, the Kytherian Association of Australia is promoting tourism in Kythera, which will begin on May 15 in Sydney. During the event, the travel guide In Search of Kythera & Antikythera by Tzeli Hadzidimitriou will be presented.

According to Vardas, Hadzidimitriou, in her travel guide and information guide about Kythera wrote of the secret beauties of the islands and to accompany its readers on a dreamy journey.

In the 350 pages of the guide the reader can find rich information about the mythology and the history of both Kythera and Antikythera, the architecture and art, the local cuisine and the Kytherians activities, the sites of the island and, of course,  all the useful information concerning reaching the place, hotel and restaurants.

The guide also focuses on the alternative activities that the visitor can experience once in the island, as the unexplored nature and the sites of excellent beauty are still included in the untouched paradises of Greece.