Astras’ Memories And Crazy Thoughts

1110Distinguished Greek painter, 83-year-old Alkis Astras’ new book, Memories and Crazy Thoughts has been published in both Greek and English. He continues to create in Australia where he has been living for many years, after having travelled and stayed in many countries in Europe, America and Asia.

His new book is in electronic form and constitutes his heritage. “Despite the fact that the memories come one after the other and that my thoughts run wild in my mind, I think that I have to put an end to those I have written, otherwise I will never manage to finish,” the artist noted.

Astras was born in Athens and grew up through the dark days of the Second World War and the Civil War. The house where he was born, facing the Acropolis, was used as headquarters of the enemy and the allies during the war.

He studied extensively in Europe prior to his arrival in Australia. His first personal exhibition was held in 1954 and from then on, he never stopped creating and exhibiting.

He has held exhibitions in the greatest countries of the world and collectors of his works are presidents, prime ministers, actors and art lovers from around the world. He has lived in many countries and known various cultures and people through his exhibitions.

Some of his most exceptional works are those concerning the aboriginals of Australia, with whom he lived for a long time.