Petition to Keep Golden Dawn Out of Australia

imagesGreek-Australian Alex Kakafikas has launched a petition campaign online against allowing Greek Golden Dawn party members to come to Australia, where according to information they are planning to open an office.

The petition asks Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, to refuse MPs of the Greek far-right party to enter the country due to their racist ideology and extreme and violent behavior towards immigrants, artists and activists. According to Kakafikas, the presence of Golden Dawn in the country is a threat to the multicultural society developed over the centuries.

The petition underlines that the party is seeking to broaden its influence outside the Greek borders by opening offices around the world. “This violent, racist, authoritarian movement has no place anywhere, but while Greece is unable or unwilling to prevent them from growing, the Australian government is in a position to prevent their members from spreading their fascist poison here” reads the petition.

The MPs included in the list are Nikos Michaloliakos, Eleni Zaroulia, Giorgos Germenis, Ilias Panagiotaros, Konstantinos Mparmparousis, Ioannis Lagos, Nikos Kouzilos, Ilias Kasidiaris, Nikos Michos, Antonis Gregos, Polyvios Zisimopoulos, Dimitris Koukoutsis, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, Efstathios Mpoukouras, Crysovalantis Alexopoulos, Nikitas Siois, Christos Pappas and Michalis Arvanitis.

Kakafikas and his supporting group have also created a Facebook profile entitled “No to Golden Dawn in Melbourne” aiming to inform the public about the party’s politics and actions.


  1. Perhaps best to grant them the visas, arrest them for hate crimes, and dump them in the Kakadu national park as crocodile food.

  2. Yet another hypocrisy on behalf of the organizers of this petition and the Australian Governmen if it goes ahead with it.

    We will petition to ban members of Golden Dawn for expressing their views, which violates their basic human rights of freedom of speech, yet at the same time, we sit back and do NOTHING while fanatical Muslims ignore our laws, our culture, values and norms, etc.

    I am not a Greek, nor have I ever been to Greece, but I will support Golden Dawn simply for the reason that I can understand their feelings of not wanting certain individuals in their society who do nothing to contribute to it and because, well, we all know how the Left-Wing destroys nations with their policies !!!

  3. I guess yo never lived under fascist rule! Believe me fascists are equally brilliant as lefties!

  4. Can anyone tell me how there is a party like this in the first place in Greece? I’m curious because although any type of racist party whether Klu Klux Klan, Nazis, etc is a very bad thing as racism is horrible. But what I don’t understand is that since Greece is not a powerful country and truly is not something of a macho country like the USA or even Nazi Germany of WWII where at least there were very strong military powers in those countries. So, I suppose a racist in the USA or Germany could feel somehow more superior (of course wrongly), but how can a country like Greece which has as much power as a wet fart create people who think they are superior.

    I’m just curious as it seems silly to me? I always though superiority came from having a superior country.

  5. Thank you. Alex Kakafikas. The Golden Dawn party has a history of violence against non Greeks and people they disagree with and Australia does not need these kind of people on its shores at all.

  6. Oh believe me m&laka. You reek of Greek. How about you head back to Greece if you want to be a warrior with a flag?

  7. If this office opens up in Australia, it will show all Australians how Australia is heading down the same path to that Greece with racism, violence & corruption.

  8. As much as their rhetoric is inappropriate there is such a thing as freedom. Mr. Kakafikas claims to speak for freedom… then tries to ban opposing parties? (apparently he doesn’t want to ban communist party Syriza). Oppressive leftist fanatics like Mr. Kakfikas seem to just have taken out the nationalism out of national socialism.

  9. You try to pretend you are against racism, then make a racist comments against Greeks? Sad.

  10. Since when has Golden Dawn been racist? I have never heard them say anything about other countries and their inhabitants. All I hear Gold Dawn talking about is protecting Greece’s identity from being degenerated into a multi-cultrual society.

  11. yeah, we don’t want fascism in Australia. So we should ban anyone with different opinions and ideas and burn their books and not allow political dissent. We can not take the risk of allowing people have free speech because it might lead to fascism.

  12. arresting people for “hate crimes”? doesnt that makes you the fascist? Funny how you leftists can call for the murder of those you disagree with, but if i were to say we should tie all multiculturalists to sand bags and throw them in the sea… I’m sure you would be outraged and try to “ban” me.

  13. I think it’s rather ironic and a tragic joke on the Greeks that there should be Greek Neo- Nazis. I would imagine most Greeks as being very uncomfortable with these crazy buffoons, who bash women on national television as par for the course. And I think they’d incite hilarity ,incredulity and confusion amongst German,Russian and other pinheaded Euro- nazis.

  14. “It is noteworthy that today the strongest support for Israel in the international arena comes from the United States, Canada and Australia, the so-called Anglosphere – settler-colonial societies based on extermination or expulsion of indigenous populations in favor of a higher race, and where such behavior is considered natural and praiseworthy.” Words by Naom Chomsky. You have a nerve to talk about Golden Dawn!!!!!!!

  15. Do you accept illegal immigrants cause I’d like to know your country’s policy on the issue.

  16. Our Left Wing Politicians are already corrupt. A Golden Dawn party here would do wonders to clean this country up and restore national sovereignty and a healthy sense of racial and ethnic pride.

    If you don’t like it, you can deport yourself to Africa and spend the rest of your life getting bum-raped (cultural enrichment) by the Africans.